Strong the Wind Blows

After losing the love of his life, a professional paraglider pilot chose to take on the most daring series of mountain flights in Canadian history.  Said by his peers to have been an impossible journey, last summer, Benjamin Jordan, 36, attempted to become the first person to paraglide the 1000 km rocky gap separating the cities of Vancouver and Calgary.

Solo and unsupported, he left Vancouver in a state of deep depression and with nothing to lose.  But as he flew each section of this unprecedented journey, landing, then camping high on mountains and bathing in turquoise alpine lakes between flights, he found a whole new kind of love and the strength to do what no man before him, ever could.  Behold this story of personal growth and transformation with an authentic flare, rarely caught on film.

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  • A documentary by: Benjamin Jordan
  • Canada 2017
  • Runtime: 35 minutes (Festival Cut)